Validation LAFT of loading units

+2107 sources of information for due diligence KYC AML – SIPLAFT

Validation of load units in time in record time

Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing in the transport and logistics sector

SIRIEST- SIPLAFT is a powerful technological tool ideal for online consultation and verification against restrictive lists, binding lists, inhibitory or conditioning lists, informative lists, PEPs and news.

Automate repetitive work and better analyze your freight vehicles, drivers and owners.

Enhance analysis and make safe decisions.

SIRIEST – SIPLAFT improves confidence in the transport sector

We reduced the StandBy times of cargo transporters from 3 days (78 hours) to 15 minutes, allowing them to now load faster. This powerful search engine for validation against public registries of people and cargo vehicles allows LAFT regulatory compliance to be carried out without delaying the logistics operation of thousands of transport companies.

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Validate in less than 2 minutes against public sources.

Multiple validation of queries one by one.



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Frequent questions

Send a letter signed by the legal representative, expressing your interest in joining and attach the following documents:

  • A copy of the authorization resolution from the Ministry of Transportation, where the operation of the company is authorized. Note: The authorization resolution is only required from transport companies.
  • Certificate of existence and legal representation, RUT, Photocopy of the identity document Legal Representative
  • Copy of the financial statements for the year immediately preceding the affiliation application.
  • Have an Institutional email.
  • Two recommendations from companies to which you provide services or with which you maintain contractual ties.
  • Pro forma Confidentiality Agreement sent by SIPLAFT SIRIEST.
  • Be certified in ISO 28000, ISO 9001 standards or have BASC certification.
  • Declaration of origin of resources and SARLAFT.
  • Have a personal data processing policy or protection of the right of habeas data.

You must send us an email to with the subject PQR, attaching the following documents to your request:

  • Photocopy of the citizenship card, enlarged to 150%.
  • Authorization for consultation in accordance with habeas data.
  • Documents supporting your request
  • They must be sent by the petitioner himself, he does not need intermediaries.


You must send us an email to with the subject CONTACT HABEAS DATA. We will respond within 72 business hours, or within the terms of the Law.

Remember to attach the following documents to your request or PQR:

  • Photocopy of the citizenship card.
  • Authorization for consultation in accordance with habeas data.
  • Documents supporting your request.

Through our application you have 24/7 support in the chat at the bottom right of the screen.

In accordance with our internal processes we try to respond as soon as possible, always trying not to exceed 10 business days.

The response time depends on meeting the response requirements, availability and complexity of the PQR.

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