Due Diligence Expanded and Intensified

+9.127 fuentes enhanced KYC AML due diligence

Expert knowledge for effective AML

Ideal expert service to further enhance knowledge and consultation and verification of restrictive lists, binding, inhibiting or conditioning lists, informative lists, PEPs and news.

Carry out verifications and work in risk areas with effectiveness and necessary expertise. 

Enhance analysis and make safe decisions.

Enhanced due diligence with quality seal

Grow safely with the most powerful and comprehensive expanded due diligence on the market. It has a guarantee and the quality seal so you can make safe decisions.

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Consultation available through:

Request it through Compliance Validation LAFT or through SIVDI.

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Multiple validation of queries one by one.

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Up to 15,000 records per bulk or batch upload.

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Collaborative Monitoring

Scheduled Monitoring

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