Habeas Data

Exercise your right to protect your personal data

*In compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 and Regulatory Decree 1377 of June 27, 2013 compiled by Decree 1074 of 2015, RISKS INTERNATIONAL puts at your disposal the mechanisms to guarantee the rights of the owners of the information and personal data .

RISKS INTERNATIONAL has collected personal data from various owners, in the development of its private functions, and respects the principles contemplated in the law: legality, purpose, freedom, veracity or quality, transparency, restricted access and circulation, security and confidentiality.

RISKS INTERNATIONAL SAS requires your authorization to include the information reported through its web pages in institutional databases and files.

Some of our information services and databases, as well as the data we process, are public in nature and are used specifically for the prevention, monitoring and control of money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Therefore, these services and data are excluded or outside the scope of Law 1581, as established in Article 2, literal b.

The data collected will be used solely and exclusively for the purposes that the data owner authorized, the purposes of the company's corporate purpose and related to the activity of risk assessment for its affiliates. In compliance with literal b of article 12 of Law 1581 of 2012, you are entitled to deny the inclusion of sensitive data or data about girls, boys and adolescents. You, as the owner of the information, may update, rectify and learn about the use that has been given to your personal data at any time, if you consider that your constitutional rights and guarantees are not being respected. For any purpose and at any time, fill out the PQR form of contact at the bottom of the page or contact the email habeasdata@risksint.com and exercise your rights, do not forget to send usyour physical authorization o your electronic authorization in case you want us to consult.

Get to know our Information Processing Policy

Attention! If you wish to exercise your Habeas Data Right, follow these brief steps…

  • 2. Please wait for the response from our data protection team.
  • 3. In the event of any additional information or documentary request, please respond as soon as possible, attaching the requested documents.
  • 4. Always keep an eye on your email. If you are not satisfied with your answer, write to us again. In any case, this procedure does not generate any cost, it is your right and we are legally obliged to guarantee your rights as long as you prove to be the owner of the data.

Our commitment is to ensure regulatory compliance and respect the rights of the owners.

How do I exercise my Habeas Data right?

RISKS INTERNATIONAL SAS, hereinafter THE COMPANY, in order to protect the general interest and collective right of employees, clients, suppliers and third parties who provide personal data; recognizes the importance of guaranteeing and protecting the fundamental right of HABEAS DATA within the framework of what is established in law 1581 of 2012 and regulatory decree 1377 of 2013, compiled by decree 1074 of 2015 and other concordant regulations.

THE COMPANY reserves the right that assists it in matters of risk assessment, knowledge of the third party or background verification in public or private consultation lists, in order to prevent acts of illicit interference, money laundering, financing of terrorism, smuggling, pollution, migrant smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, illicit enrichment, kidnapping, rebellion, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, crimes against public administration (corruption), crimes against the financial system and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and crimes related to the above. That they can attack the operation and its good name. It is also reserved to consult the data stored in private, statistical, public and publicly accessible files.

To request THE COMPANY to revoke the data, the owner must state whether it is total or partial.

a) If the revocation is total, any activity authorized for the Processing of your personal data will cease.
b) If the revocation is partial, you may continue with the processing of personal data according to the authorization of the owner.

In case of query, complaint, request, petition and/or claim in relation to your personal data, the owners or their successors may send an e-mail to the email habeasdata@risksint.com to exercise their rights.

Queries will be responded to within a maximum period of fifteen (15) business days, starting from the day the request is received, considering this as the first business day of the term. If it is not possible to respond to the query within this period, the owner or interested party will be informed of the reasons for the delay, as long as the parties are duly identified. In addition, the new date on which the query will be resolved will be indicated, which will not exceed five (5) business days following the expiration of the initial period.

Taking into account the above information, I voluntarily, prior, explicitly, informed and unequivocally authorize THE COMPANY to process my personal data in accordance with its Data Processing policy for commercial, labor, legal, and/or contractual purposes.

I declare that I know the data protection policy of THE COMPANY, along with the mechanisms for consultation, complaint, request and/or claim in relation to the Processing of my personal data.

I express that the information I have provided to THE COMPANY is true and has been provided voluntarily.

In consideration of the above and in accordance with our interest in protecting your privacy, we inform you that from the date of publication of this notice (02-02-2016), the owners will have a term of 30 business days (Number 1 Article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013) to exercise your rights to know, update, rectify or request the deletion of your personal data, directing your communication to habeasdata@risksint.com, also using the contact form on the Website: www.risksint.com.

With the present, I grant my authorization to the company RISKS INTERNATIONAL SAS so that, in compliance with the provisions established in laws 1581 of 2012, 1266 of 2008 and decree 1377 of 2013, compiled by decree 1074 of 2015, it collects, circulates, manages and subjects to special treatment and confidentiality of the data that, as a client, supplier, economically linked collaborator or third party, are found in the different databases and that are related to me or the company I represent. This authorization is granted for the sole purpose of responding to the corresponding request.

I agree to be communicated and contacted in the event that it is necessary to notify me of any discovery as the owner, if I am in a Database, in order to exercise my right to update, rectify and defend my fundamental rights, in particular the right to Habeas Data. Therefore, I authorize THE COMPANY to, for this sole purpose, process the following personal data that I have provided and I accept its processing.

Remember that if you need more help… Write to us at the Compliance and Habeas Data Hotline

Write to us on WhatsApp and speak to our data protection team.

Exercise your right to Habeas Data, it is your right and it is totally free.