Online validation of restrictive, binding and sanctioning lists

+3.827 Information sources for KYC AML

Debidas diligencias y cumplimiento normativo en piloto automático

Compliance is a powerful technological tool ideal for online consultation and verification of restrictive lists, binding lists, inhibiting or conditioning lists, informative lists, PEPs and news.

Automate repetitive work and better analyze your counterparts.

Enhance analysis and make safe decisions.

Compliance is a guarantee

Grow safely with the most powerful and complete validator on the market. It has a guarantee and the quality seal so you can make safe decisions.

Consultation available through:

Validate in less than 2 minutes. 

Multiple validation of queries one by one.


Up to 15,000 records per bulk or batch upload.


By Source

PDF Reports

Collaborative Monitor

Scheduled Monitoring


These are some of the benefits that we can highlight of this service.

Do you have your own lists of information or qualifications from third parties or counterparties? Seamlessly manage it, generate alerts and parameterize your MLFT and fraud risk management lists with simple and easy functions.

Access to information and statistics taking into account the user role predefined by the company administrator.

Validate large volumes of identification and name data in record time, with just one flat file.

We validate up to 15,000 records per Batch.

Integrate your applications, your ERP, CRM or any software with our powerful tool and our simple integration model.

The integration is free and there is no cost if you do not need to develop anything additional.

Some of our plans have a LAFT risk score, with a behavioral score included.

Use the Risk Score and further automate your decision.

As a compliance officer, parameterize information sources to achieve your objectives.

If you apply the parameterization of information sources, you understand that not all sources apply to all companies. We have Basic, Pro, Plus and Advance fonts.

We have permanent support. 

Consulting and advice by professionals in the implementation of Anti-Corruption and Anti-LAFT schemes.

Validate in real time with the same online information source.

All our information is kept up to date.

In some plans we have information uploaded for business continuity and cost of service.

If you want to manage your users, define risk management roles, and assign them to areas, you can do it.

Parameterize your areas at no cost and assign information sources.

We have permanent, collaborative, shared and continuous monitoring, also with scheduled monitoring on demand and according to the plan you choose.

The dynamic in counterpart management is constant. Changes are sudden, alerts and monitoring will give you peace of mind.

Main features

Open data and public information consolidated in a single online report for decision making.

General information lists

Identification Probable Identity Health Affiliation Super Societies Chambers of Commerce
+58 more sources

National lists by country

Attorney's Office Crimes related to MLFT Comptroller's Office Traffic Secretariats National Convictions
+978 more sources

International binding lists

+832 more sources

Own, internal lists, Peps and news

Peps Decree 830 in Colombia Political Peps Public Peps International Peps Historical News
+ 368 more fonts

Validation of Related and links

Validation of people related to companies. Historical relationships. Historical
+ 68 more fonts

Some testimonies of success

We have as our SAGRILAFT validator, during this time we have streamlined our risk management, improving customer acquisition times, generating confidence in our investors.
Shirley Alvarez
Compliance officer
Validation and due diligence is very agile, going to online sources reduces any risk to which we may be exposed as a company. The service is really very efficient and the permanent support helps a lot.
Juan Carlos Cuervo
Compliance officer

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